Month: June 2020

Upcoming Hardware Launches 2020 (Updated Jun 2020)


In this article, which our team will regularly update, we will maintain a growing list of information pertaining to upcoming hardware releases based on leaks and official announcements as we spot them. There will obviously be a ton of rumors on unreleased hardware, and it is our goal to—based on our years of industry experience—exclude the crazy ones. In addition to these upcoming hardware release news, we will regularly adjust the structure of this article to better organize information. Each time an important change is made to this article, it will re-appear on our front page with a “new”

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EE Times | Electronic Engineering Times

US legislators introduced a second bill to expand support of domestic chip production.

The Silicon 100: the Top Startups of 2020

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The Makings of a Seamless Wireless Experience

By EETimes  06.17.2020

Three mega-trends for a post-Covid world, and how they affect users of memory technology

By EETimes  06.16.2020

Overseas Market Calls for Second-Generation Forehead Thermometer Solution

By Joshua Chen  06.15.2020

Sensors and micro-electromechanical systems affect a wide range of systems in the commercial, industrial, and automotive markets.

By David Haynes, Lam Research  06.29.2020

Taiwan has earned some global praise for its effective action against the coronavirus through its platform by launching an

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Online college isn’t going anywhere.

Two people wearing masks walk in front of a Gothic-style building.

The nearly empty campus of Georgetown University on May 7

Saul Loeb/Getty Images

On May 12, the 23-campus California State University system was the first major American post-secondary institution to admit the inevitable: Fall 2020 is going online. Even as more U.S. states ease restrictions, many experts predict another more catastrophic wave in the fall. Sure, colleges and universities can claim whatever they want, in the hopes of stanching an enrollment hemorrhage, but come on: Why intentionally summon tens of thousands of young people with questionable hygiene, poor judgment, and a pathological need to congregate from

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HP Inc. Ushers In 2020 With New Hardware Innovations At CES 2020

CES is once again upon us. The annual consumer electronics conference provides a chance for companies big and small to showcase their hottest new products. One company that always makes a splash is HP, with its powerful, stylish PCs that straddle the line between work and play.

Last year at CES, the company went all in on new, immersive displays such as Quantum Dot technology. Later in the year, at Computex 2019, HP refreshed its Envy, Elite 1000, and Zbooks lines, amongst other things, for the back-to-school buying season. Much of the updates and

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The Internet of Things in 2020: More vital than ever

If you work in IT, you’re probably safely ensconced at home right now, clinging to your laptop at the edge of your company’s network. The shift from office to home has been momentous. But it’s also symbolic of a larger trend: The network edge has become as important as the network core. Remote workers aside, the IoT (internet of things) is the biggest reason why the edge has become so crucial.

According to Gartner, a crazy variety of some 21 billion connected “things” are at this moment collecting data and performing all sorts of tasks. The majority are consumer devices,

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