Month: June 2020

iMac 2020: release date, pricing and rumors

Despite rumors that the iMac 2020 would be announced during WWDC 2020, no new Macs were unveiled during the online conference keynote.  But we did get some early glimpses of new Mac hardware to come, as Apple announced Apple Silicon, the long awaited move toward Apple-designed processors in Mac laptops and desktops.

The iconic all-in-one computer is due for an update, and several iMac-related leaks and rumors point toward a new take on the Apple all-in-one being unveiled later this year, and even going on sale before 2020 comes to a close.

After seeing the iMac show up on

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Technology news 2020 college – AOL Video Search Results

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Handphone new 2020 – AOL Video Search Results


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Best internet providers in 2020: How to choose cable vs. DSL vs. satellite and more

In today’s world, high-speed internet service has become as vital as other utilities such as water and electricity. It’s the gateway for everything from news to education, dating to dining, and all manners of entertainment, from music to gaming — and even what we used to call “TV.” For most Americans, a reliable and high-speed internet connection is now a mandatory part of both work and family life.

According to the most recent data available, the US ranks 10th (see 2017 PDF report) among countries for the highest average internet speeds (at 18.7 megabits per second,

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Electoral College: The road to getting 270 votes in the 2020 election

The other known is that American politics has been at some of its most polarized levels in history during the course of the Trump presidency, which means the bulk of the red vs. blue map is likely to remain unchanged from four years ago (or even 20 years ago for that matter).

Nearly everything about the 2020 campaign has currently been upended by a combination of crises. The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a public health crisis with more than 110,000 US deaths and left economic wreckage in its wake. Added to that is the unrest across the country following the
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