Month: August 2020

U.S. reaches 282 million internet users in 2020 : Augusta Free Press

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Twenty years ago, roughly 50 percent of Americans had access to the internet. Today, that figure has skyrocketed – with new statistics showing that the US has reached a staggering 282 million internet users in 2020.

As the total population

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HP Launches New Lineup of Monitors with Advanced Docking & WebCam

HP recently added a new series of monitors focussing more on the corporate and business consumers. The brand has launched two different models – HP E24D G4 and HP E27 G4. The key highlight of these monitors is the high-end docking capabilities along with multiple connectivity options. As the name suggests, the E24D G4 features a 23.8-inch IPS panel with Full HD+ resolution (1920×1080 pixels). The latter, on the other hand, comes with a 27-inch IPS display with QHD+ resolution (2560×1440 pixels).

Coming to the advanced docking capabilities, both the displays come with GbE port, pop-up webcam and DisplayPort input

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9 New Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

With the evolution of new processors, logic boards and the need for more performance, new programming languages like Go and Rust and are gaining ground. Developers usually get these kinds of questions a lot – what to learn next? The industry is changing at a very fast pace, and you always find something new to learn. But the question is how do you choose your next language?

Your knowledge, interests and career objective are the main key. There some famous languages ruling the computer industry like Python and JavaScript, which are hard to go wrong with.

But what if you

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Best Internet Deals for September 2020: AT&T, Spectrum, & More

The internet is increasingly intertwined with everything we do today. Fast and stable internet is less a luxury and more of a need for many. Many people rely on the web for work, learning, and communicating with distant loved ones. You also need high-speed internet for data-hungry activities such as online gaming and the streaming of movies, live sports, and TV shows.

Thankfully, the ubiquity of high-speed internet means that you can get the bandwidth you need for cheaper prices than ever before. As fiber-optic networks roll out across the country, gigabit internet is also more accessible. So whether

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