Month: February 2021

2021 Best Undergraduate Computer Science Programs

Auburn, Alabama, has been ranked one of the best places to live, and life at Auburn University can be similarly enjoyable for students. Football is a particularly big attraction in the fall, as fans support the Auburn Tigers with the help of school mascot Aubie the Tiger. The Tiger sports teams compete in the NCAA Division I Southeastern Conference, and the influx of football fans makes Auburn the fifth-largest city in the state on game days. Pep rallies are held in the downtown Toomer’s Corner, and the area is covered in toilet paper by fans after every big victory. There

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Best New PC Games In 2020 By Score

The last year has been unprecedented in a lot of ways as the world continues to deal with a global pandemic. The ride has been pretty wild in the games industry as well, as the reality of COVID has changed the way games are made, along with every other aspect of life. Despite the big changes, though, 2020 saw a number of top-tier game releases–many of which have helped people deal with on-going stay home orders and greatly diminished social interactions.

As 2020 draws to a close, we’re doing what we always do around this time and highlighting the

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The Best Memes of 2020

To help bring a little bit of laughter into what has been one of the worst years, look through these funny 2020 memes to end the year on a positive note.

The year 2020 has been quite a year, to say the least. Sometimes the only way to get through all of the crazy events and pain we suffered through this year is to laugh. Luckily, when the world is in shambles it can make for some pretty great memes. And trust us, these 2020 memes will make you laugh. To end 2020 on a high note, read through some

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Underrepresented college students benefit more from ‘active learning’ techniques in STEM

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Students from different backgrounds in the United States enter college with equal interest in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But that equal interest does not result in equal outcomes. Six years after starting an undergraduate STEM degree, roughly twice as many white students finished it compared to African American students.

A new study by researchers at the University of Washington shows that teaching techniques in undergraduate STEM courses can significantly narrow gaps in course performance between students who are overrepresented and underrepresented in STEM. In a paper published the week of March 9 in the

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1200+ Latest Electronics Projects Ideas For Students & Engineers


Find the most innovative electronics projects to make at home by nevonprojects. Over 1200 + unique electronics projects using on IOT, robotics, solar, green tech, wireless communication and more. NevonProjects brings you latest electronics projects ideas using microcontrollers, Arduino, raspberry pi, nodemcu, sensors and more.

Dry Handwash using Fog to Save Water

We have been advised to wash hands regularly during the pandemic, but can we afford to waste so much water for handwash. Well here is a new age fog handwash machine that saves 95% water.
DIY Ventilator Using Arduino
DIY Ventilator using Arduino
This electronics project is a fully functioning ventilator
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