5 Best HP Printers – Oct. 2020

Q. Can I refill ink cartridges myself to save money?

A. While it is technically an option, refillable cartridges are often not fully compatible with specific printers. You likely won’t be alerted when the ink is low or has run out, which may cause damage to your device. Third-party ink refills may also be of lower quality than a compatible ink cartridge. If you’re worried about the cost of ink, consider signing up for HP’s ink subscription service.

Q. I went to change my ink cartridge because I received a “low-ink” alert. It still looks like there’s ink inside the cartridge. What’s going on?

A. Often, you’ll get an “ink empty” message on your screen and find out there’s actually some stuff still left in there. Some will tell you it’s a ploy from manufacturers to force people to spend more on ink. More likely it’s a safety mechanism to prevent printer head damage. It’s an annoying situation to find yourself in, since some printers won’t allow you to continue print jobs once a low-cartridge is detected. However, many HP-brand printers don’t force you to change your cartridges at this point. Just keep an eye on your ink levels, and have some backups on hand when you’re in a pinch.

Q. Does the kind of computer I own matter?

A. Not really. Most printers are compatible with both Windows and Apple systems. A printer’s system requirements will usually be clearly indicated for easy reference.