Action Plan: 2020 | Internet Society

Founded by Internet pioneers, the Internet Society works with a diverse community of Chapters, Special Interest Groups, individual members, and Organization Members. This broad Internet Society community shares an interest and belief in our principles and mission. While together we are committed to strengthening the global Internet and expanding its reach, groups within the Internet Society encompass a wide range of views and interests.

Strengthening engagement with our community is critical to the Internet Society’s long-term success and it is a key component of most 2020 projects. Beyond project-specific engagement, in 2020, we expect to undertake a focused, coordinated effort to understand better the community’s interests. This will allow more tailored communications and improve our ability to connect interested community members with opportunities within our 2020 projects.

Moving beyond engagement, mobilizing community members will be key to achieving shared objectives. Success in this effort will require creating clarity and communicating effectively about how Chapters, Special Interest Groups, individual members, and Organization Members can make a difference, especially how to become part of a larger movement. The next several years will be focused on building a robust support base of new community members to stand with us and amplify our voice through action. This includes digital natives who don’t know life without the Internet, and organizations whose business models rely on the Internet.

Beyond the immediate Internet Society community, we will build partnerships, foster governmental and intergovernmental relations, and pursue fundraising opportunities at global, regional, and national levels. While projects will be a primary organizing approach for these efforts, we will also work with strategic partners and organizations at global and regional levels to identify, cultivate, and preserve long-term relationships that are critical for our future work.

We will continue to undertake targeted programs to connect individuals to vibrant communities helping to build the global Internet. This includes the ISOC Policy Fellows to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and the Youth at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Each of these programs invests in making individual connections to new communities that would otherwise not be made. These connections provide immediate benefit to the program participants and help set the stage for long-term support of the Internet Society’s mission, vision, and projects.

Continuing to spread the word broadly about the work of the Internet Society community and its partners towards our shared vision remains a key priority for Internet Society. We must continue to speak out boldly and clearly. To do this, tailored communications activities are embedded into each project plan. And, we will develop a consistent narrative that connects all of our work to our shared vision and mission. This will ensure the Internet Society organization and community are even more influential in shaping the Internet’s future path, and in providing globally and regionally relevant voices on some of the most pressing issues facing the Internet today.