AT&T Internet Deals and Promotions for Aug 2020

AT&T Internet Deals, Plans, and Pricing

AT&T provides internet, phone, and TV plans across the contiguous United States. With AT&T internet plans ranging from DSL to Fiber, there are a variety of packages and speeds to consider.

Here are some of the key considerations and factors to be aware of while comparing and shopping for AT&T deals.

Comparing AT&T Internet Plans


  • Nationwide broadband coverage
  • Affordable pricing
  • Dedicated DSL connections


  • Lower internet speeds in DSL-only areas
  • Slower in rural areas
  • Limited fiber coverage

There are dozens of AT&T plans that come and go seasonally, and offerings will vary based on your geographic location. There are a few shopping tips worth keeping in mind, regardless of location:

  1. Get a sense of the kind of speeds and data allowances you’ll need
  2. Look through the promotions, and make sure the “final” price is reasonable
  3. Read your contract, and note any early termination fees (ETFs)

What AT&T Plans Are Available In My Area?

Generally speaking, the fastest connections from AT&T are only available in select areas — usually highly populous locations like major cities and the surrounding suburbs.

Areas such as (but not limited to) Texas and California enjoy some of the fastest fiber AT&T speeds in the US, far outclassing the basic service offered in most areas of the country.

AT&T’s basic service plan uses Digital Subscriber Lines, the details of which are discussed more comprehensively below. The infrastructure for this technology has been in place for years, and as such AT&T can offer basic high-speed internet service to large areas of the country. Major areas that don’t have any AT&T coverage include New England and a large portion of the Midwest.

When deciding which plan will suit your needs, you’ll first need to ascertain which plans are available in your area and compare alternative internet providers.

Which AT&T Plan Is Right For Me?

Once you’ve figured out what options are available at your address, it’s time to take a look at your average internet usage. In some cases, you can save money by getting a slower plan, so long as that slower plan meets your basic needs.

What is AT&T Gigapower?

AT&T Gigapower is the brand name for AT&T’s “Fiber to the Home” (FTTH) internet services. Fiber is expensive to install, but once available it allows speeds in the gigabit range, ten times faster that AT&T’s average DSL plan.

If you use the internet for basic web browsing, an AT&T DSL connection will probably suit you just fine. DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is an internet connection that transmits data over existing telephone lines. This technology is widely available and extremely reliable, but the maximum speeds available are far lower than alternatives. DSL plans are available from AT&T starting at 50 Megabits per second (Mbps), which is an adequate speed for daily use. A 50 Mbps second plan is also sufficient for streaming content — even in HD — but if you’re a power user or have multiple friends or family members accessing the internet at the same time, it might not be enough.

AT&T Hidden Fees on Bundle Plans

AT&T is known to include a variety of add-on fees with broadband bills. Many of these fees, such as “administrative fees” and “franchise fees,” come as a surprise to the new customer. See our guide to broadband bill fees for more information about common internet bill line items.

AT&T Gigapower Internet is Best for Gamers

For gamers, streamers, and cord cutters, fiber is by far the best choice. The regular consumer won’t notice the difference between browsing Facebook on a 100 Mbps vs 1,000 Mbps internet connection. Gamers and techies, on the other hand, can benefit from the dramatically higher upload speeds and uptime.

Fiber Optic connections transmit data as light through specialized cables. Light travels quickly, resulting in much faster speeds. AT&T features some of the fastest residential internet commercially available in the areas where where they have the infrastructure, but Fiber coverage is sparse. AT&T Fiber features speeds of up to 1000 Mbps — over 20x faster than their DSL package.

AT&T Internet Plan Contracts: What You Need To Know

AT&T internet-only service is sometimes available without a contract. However, many promotions give significant discounts if you agree to a long-term commitment.

It’s important to take a look at your current situation and needs before signing an internet service contract. If you’re a renter or student and will be moving within a year, you’re better off paying a little bit extra and choosing a plan that charges month-to-month.

AT&T contract internet deals often offer the better price. However, if you decide to cancel early you’ll need to eat an early termination fee. AT&T termination fees can be up to $325, depending on how long is left on your current agreement.

AT&T internet and TV bundle packages often require a 1–2 year contract. There are three options available to AT&T customers (with availability depending on your location):

DirecTV and AT&T Internet Bundle Deals

DirecTV Now is a TV streaming service that gives you access to a number of live channels through your dedicated internet-connected device — this is an excellent option for those looking for access to TV across multiple devices and is available without a contract, but it’s also dependent on a relatively speedy internet connection. Traditional DirecTV offers the most premium service, with some plans offering more than 325 channels, but plans typically come with a 24-month service agreement.

Long story short, it is possible to access AT&T service without a long-term commitment. Chances are that you’ll be paying more overall — especially if using multiple services without a bundle deal — but it’s an option to consider if you don’t want to be tied down by a contract.

AT&T Modem And Router: What Are Your Options?

To get online with AT&T, you’ll need a modem and router. Modems allow your devices to connect to the internet, while routers transmit the connection in your house over WiFi. Most modern “gateways” are a combination of the two technologies, and that’s what you’ll use with AT&T.

Unfortunately, AT&T DSL internet plans no longer allows you to buy your own equipment unless you’re a “Legacy” DSL customer. AT&T Internet plans are currently only compatible with AT&T branded gateways. This means that you’ll be paying a fee of somewhere between $7 – $10 per month on top of your quoted plan price — so keep that in mind when comparing plan pricing. Fiber Optic equipment must also be leased from AT&T with a similar equipment charge.

This lack of choice when buying internet from AT&T is unfortunate, as it removes the ability to buy your equipment outright and forces you to eat another monthly fee. The advice mentioned above of looking for the “final” plan price should be heeded here, as the equipment charge is largely unavoidable.

Getting the Best of AT&T Bundles

AT&T owns DirecTV, which means you can get solid bundle deals for combining DirecTV and AT&T Internet. Thanks to DirecTV’s nationwide coverage, AT&T can offer premium TV options across their coverage area.

You can save a significant amount of money by bundling both AT&T internet and DirecTV when compared to buying the services on their own. In some cases, you can get TV service with 100+ channels for just $25 extra a month. It’s important to read the fine print and keep an eye on your bill, however, as oftentimes the initial bundle price will only be for a promotional period.

While TV service is also available as a standalone option using DirecTV Now, it’s not available for bundle deals and lacks some of the high-end options that regular DirecTV satellite service offers.

If you’re comfortable with a contract and understand the pricing after the promotion ends, bundling services is usually the best way to get the most out of buying service from AT&T.

AT&T Internet Rating and Reviews

At BroadbandNow we only allow verified users of a service to rate their provider. This helps us prevent biased user ratings and reviews. To date, 104,175 IP verified AT&T customers have rated their service.

When asked, 41.1% of customers said that they would recommend their to a friend.

The Technology That Powers AT&T

With the rise of fiber optic internet connections, more and more consumers are interested in the technology that powers their internet connection.

With, vDSL powers their internet, home phone, and some cases TV connections. But, thanks to AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV, more and more AT&T customers are receiving their TV services via satellite.

AT&T Availability

AT&T is available in 22 including California, Texas, Florida, and 19 other states. See our AT&T Internet coverage map to see if your area is included. Keep in mind that speeds and plans vary depending on your location, and the fastest way to find our your options is to call an AT&T sales number directly.