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How to set up your new computer

So you’ve got a new computer. Awesome! That humble metal box is the key to a wide world of potential. It can help you with everything from juggling your finances to keeping in touch with your family to blowing off some steam on, uh, Steam.

But a new PC isn’t like a new car; you can’t just turn a key and put the pedal to the metal. Okay, maybe you can—but you shouldn’t. Performing just a few simple activities when you first fire it up can help it be safer, faster, and better poised for the future. Here’s

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9 New Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

With the evolution of new processors, logic boards and the need for more performance, new programming languages like Go and Rust and are gaining ground. Developers usually get these kinds of questions a lot – what to learn next? The industry is changing at a very fast pace, and you always find something new to learn. But the question is how do you choose your next language?

Your knowledge, interests and career objective are the main key. There some famous languages ruling the computer industry like Python and JavaScript, which are hard to go wrong with.

But what if you

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What To Expect [Professional, Gaming]

In this article, you will find the latest news regarding monitor panel development by the four biggest monitor panel manufacturers which include LG, Samsung, AU Optronics, and Innolux.

We’ll also add all new and interesting monitors that get announced. Feel free to bookmark this page to always stay on track with the latest monitor releases and news.

Keep in mind that the dates in the tables below imply when the said panel should go into mass production and that these dates may change.

For news regarding OLED monitors, check out our dedicated article about OLED panels

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Best video editing computer 2020: the top PCs for editors and producers

Only the best video editing computer will do for video editors or producers. When you’re editing videos and rendering very large files, you’ll require a PC that’s powerful enough to handle graphically-intensive tasks. 

This means that the best video editing computer must boast robust components that can help makes the editing process as fast and smooth as possible. To start, it needs a potent discrete graphics card, plenty of RAM, and a multi-core processor. Both AMD and Nvidia produce excellent professional GPUs, though you can also use a gaming graphics card – they also deliver that sheer

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The best computer for graphic design in 2020

Best computers for graphic design: Top 5

Welcome to our pick of the best computers for graphic design. If you’re a graphic designer looking to speed up your workflow, then buying any of the devices on this page can be one of the best purchases you can make – and if you’re not sure where to begin, let us help.

There are many reasons why you’d want to pick a computer for graphic design, even though there are some great laptops for graphic design out there. This is because laptops need to be thin, light and portable, and that often

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