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SpaceX just launched 60 new Starlink internet satellites and nailed rocket landing at sea

 CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — SpaceX successfully launched a full stack of Starlink internet satellites into today (Oct. 18) and capped off the mission with a successful rocket landing at sea. 

A two-stage Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from NASA’s historic Pad 39A here at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at 8:25 a.m. EDT (1225 GMT) carrying 60 new Starlink satellites for SpaceX’s growing constellation in orbit.

Approximately 9 minutes later, the booster’s first stage returned to Earth, landing on one of SpaceX’s drone ships in the Atlantic Ocean in a smooth touchdown. The massive ship, called Of Course I Still Love

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The Best Mobile Hotspots for 2020

Who Needs a Hotspot?

4G LTE networks are better than ever, and with 5G networks lighting up around the world, wireless web surfing can be faster than your home Wi-Fi connection. While most modern smartphones have a hotspot mode, cellular modems and Wi-Fi hotspots have historically been your best and most flexible option if you have a lot of devices you want to share web access with.

Hotspots can connect more than just laptops to the web. They’ll work just fine with a tablet, a camera, and pretty much any other Wi-Fi-enabled device. They support more devices at one time

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Internet Download Manager (IDM) Latest 2020 Free Download

The Internet Download Manager or widely known as IDM is a powerful download manager app to handle and accelerate downloads in Windows computers. It manages all the download tasks in your PC and also speeds up the download process up to 5 times than the general download manager applications. On IDM, you can pause, resume, or cancel downloads and it also lets you schedule downloads.

It is one of the popular download manager software due to its comprehensive error recovery and resume capability.It can restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected

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Web of distrust – Faith in government declines when mobile internet arrives | Graphic detail

THE EARLY days of the internet were full of predictions about access to information unleashing a wave of democratisation. More recently, views on the internet’s impact have soured, as states use it to spy on dissidents and influence foreign elections.

Opinions on this topic are abundant, but hard data are scarce. No one knows whether the Arab spring could have occurred without the internet, or whether Russia’s online efforts to boost President Donald Trump’s campaign had any effect. Nonetheless, scholars can sometimes find natural experiments to substitute for such counter-factual scenarios. A recently revised study by

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The Best Wireless Routers for 2020

With COVID-19 still keeping so many people working from home, your Wi-Fi router is doing a lot more than helping you stream movies and play games. Home Wi-Fi routers keep millions of people working and they’re also connecting an ever-growing range of smart home devices. That means picking one that does the best job for both you and your wallet is trickier than ever, especially now that we’re seeing more Wi-Fi 6 devices becoming available.

When you’re shopping for a new router, it’s best to start by considering the size of your coverage area and the number of clients you

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