CES 2020: The Hottest PC Cases and Modder Gear

Not only has the demise of the desktop PC been greatly exaggerated, the makers of the ancillary bits are upping their output and creativity, as if to prove that weary cliche wrong. CES usually takes second place to midyear’s Computex Taipei trade show as the launchpad for serious PC-builder gear, but 2020’s edition was no slouch. Check out the top dozen bits we saw at the show. Short version? Innovation is very much alive, and RGB lighting on all the things is still very much not dead.

Cooler Master ML240P Vivid

Cooler Master ML240P Vivid

Cooler Master has long been a leading light among makers of all-in-one-style CPU liquid coolers for PC builders. But this one takes the “light” to another level. Here, we have a 240mm or 360mm AIO cooler with a circular LCD screen built into the top of the CPU’s waterblock/heatsink module. In most PC-case designs with a transparent side panel, it will face outward in the most visible spot. It’s up to you what you want to communicate on the bright little screen: CPU temperatures, CPU clocks, or other basic system info. Or (and this, we suspect, is the Vivid’s superpower) you can play back GIFs on it.

Cat videos on your CPU cooler are now a thing. Expect the Vivid to hit the street starting at $199, depending on radiator size.

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