US legislators introduced a second bill to expand support of domestic chip production.

The Silicon 100: the Top Startups of 2020

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The Makings of a Seamless Wireless Experience

By EETimes  06.17.2020

Three mega-trends for a post-Covid world, and how they affect users of memory technology

By EETimes  06.16.2020

Overseas Market Calls for Second-Generation Forehead Thermometer Solution

By Joshua Chen  06.15.2020

Sensors and micro-electromechanical systems affect a wide range of systems in the commercial, industrial, and automotive markets.

By David Haynes, Lam Research  06.29.2020

Taiwan has earned some global praise for its effective action against the coronavirus through its platform by launching an “electronic fence” based on a mobile phone that uses tracking of signals.

TV a la carte can add up quickly, but the flexibility is taking a bite out of the old pay-TV bundle.

There is an elephant in the AV room, although most reporters pretend not seeing one. I’m an analyst not a reporter, so when I see one, I see it’s my job to call it out.

By Colin Barnden  06.26.2020

A simple appliance repair dramatically reminded me of the meaning and importance of a genuine ground for the AC-line connection.