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Engineers Discover New Microbe for Simpler, Cheaper and Greener Wastewater Treatment

Researchers have discovered a new strain of bacterium that can remove both nitrogen and phosphorous from sewage wastewater. Their findings offer a simpler, cheaper and greener method of wastewater …

Understanding COVID-19 Infection and Possible Mutations

The binding of a SARS-CoV-2 virus surface protein spike — a projection from the spherical virus particle — to the human cell surface protein ACE2 is the first step to infection that may lead to …

Research Team Invents Novel Light-Controlled Contamination-Free Fluidic Processor for Advanced Medical and Industrial Applications

A mechanical engineering research team has invented a novel light-controlled, contamination-free fluidic processor, which can serve as a useful tool to greatly reduce the risk of infection of …

Engineers Combine Light and Sound to See Underwater

Engineers have developed an airborne method for imaging underwater objects by combining light and sound to break through the seemingly impassable barrier at the interface of air and …

Recycled Concrete Could Be a Sustainable Way to Keep Rubble out of Landfill

Results of a new five-year study of recycled concrete show that it performs as well, and in several cases even better, than conventional concrete. Researchers conducted side-by-side comparisons of …

Math Enables Custom Arrangements of Liquid ‘Nesting Dolls’

Researchers have developed a new way to examine, predict and engineer interactions between multiple liquid phases, including arrangements of mixtures with an arbitrary number of separated …

Ultrathin Spray-Applied MXene Antennas Are Ready for 5G

New antennas so thin that they can be sprayed into place are also robust enough to provide a strong signal at bandwidths that will be used by fifth-generation (5G) mobile devices. Performance results …

Computer-Aided Creativity in Robot Design

RoboGrammar is a new system that automates and optimizes robot design. The system creates arthropod-inspired robots for traversing a variety of terrains. It could spawn more inventive robot forms …

A Route for Avoiding Defects During Additive Manufacturing

Research reveals how pores form during metals additive manufacturing and become defects trapped in solidifying metal. The practical value of this research is that it can inform industry on how to …

CRISPRi Screens Reveal Sources of Metabolic Robustness in E. Coli

Metabolic robustness, the ability of a metabolic system to buffer changes in its environment, is not always a welcome feature for microbiologists: it interferes with metabolic engineering or prevents …

More Skin-Like, Electronic Skin That Can Feel

A research team has developed a multimodal ion-electronic skin that distinguishes temperature from mechanical stimuli. This skin can detect various movements and is applicable in fields including …

AI System Discovers Useful New Material

When the words ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) come to mind, your first thoughts may be of super-smart computers, or robots that perform tasks without needing any help from humans. Now, a …

Supersized Wind Turbines Generate Clean Energy–and Surprising Physics

As wind energy scales up, researchers study the fluid dynamics …

The Science of Windy Cities

Researchers model urban airflows to help improve the design of drones, skyscrapers, and natural ventilation …

Lab Closed? Head to the Kitchen

Studies explore fluids in pancakes, beer, and the kitchen …

Optimizing Complex Modeling Processes Through Machine Learning Technologies

Engineering a spaceship is as difficult as it sounds. Modeling plays a large role in the time and effort it takes to create spaceships and other complex engineering systems. It requires extensive …

Showing Robots How to Drive a Car…in Just a Few Easy Lessons

Researchers have designed a system that lets robots autonomously learn complicated tasks from a very small number of demonstrations — even imperfect ones. While current state-of-art methods need at …

New Tool to Combat Terrorism

Forensic science experts are refining an innovative counter-terrorism technique that checks for environmental DNA in the dust on clothing, baggage, shoes or even a …

Small Finlets on Owl Feathers Point the Way to Less Aircraft Noise

Researchers reveals how the microstructure of small finlets on owl feathers enable silent …

Researchers Describe Fundamental Processes Behind Movement of Magnetic Particles

Researchers describe several fundamental processes associated with the motion of magnetic particles through fluids as they are pulled by a magnetic …

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