What is the Process of E-Commerce Website Design and Development?

What is the Process of E-Commerce Website Design and Development?

Before you can begin the process of ecommerce website design and development in Canada, you have to determine the exact purpose of your website. There are some primary steps involved in creating an e-commerce website, including User-friendly design, Payment integration, Product shots, and SEO. Each of these steps is essential for a successful e-commerce website. We’ve listed the steps below to make the process easier to understand.

User friendly design:

The importance of user-friendly design in e-commerce website development cannot be stressed enough. Users should not have to click through several steps to find the information they are looking for. Slow loading times can lead to a reduction in visitor numbers. A website that takes longer to load than the average will lose many visitors. A slow page may also lead to a drop in sales. This may hurt the overall user experience.

Payment integration:

With more people making purchases online, payment integration is becoming a crucial part of e-commerce website design and development. Whether an electronic card or a check, a payment gateway connects your site to your bank or service provider. Customers can easily purchase without ever leaving their homes when integrating a payment gateway. Whether you’re selling a digital product or a physical one, integrating payment processing can help you increase sales.

Product shots:

It is imperative to get the right lighting when taking product shots. Natural light is better than artificial light, which can create dingy, hazy images. When shooting outdoors, avoid direct sunlight as it causes harsh shadows and lowers the quality of images. Make sure lighting is evenly distributed, and colors reflect well. Tripods help create a stable background for product photos, giving the viewer a clear view of each piece. Alternatively, you can use a book to stand it up.

Video reviews:

Adding video content to your e-commerce website is a fantastic way to increase conversions and product value. Creating a video doesn’t require expensive equipment or a professional video producer, as most smartphones are capable of recording quality videos. The video content you create can show customers how the product works, or it can be incorporated into the product description to help with SEO. No matter which type of product you’re selling, video reviews can help drive conversions online.

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