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New Quantum Computer in China Claims Quantum Advantage With Light

The amazing thing about quantum computers isn’t that they’re currently revolutionizing computers as we know them. The machines are still clunky, finicky, expensive, and not too practical. They may have a big impact one day—but that day is not today.

No, the amazing thing about quantum computers is that they exist at all.

For a few decades after these exotic machines were first proposed, no one knew if you could actually even build one. Today, we can say that, yes, quantum computers are possible and that there are a number in working order around the world. Developed by the likes

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America’s Internet Has China Envy

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One of the big questions about the future of the internet is whether the world’s digital habits will eventually look like China’s.

For some time, fresh digital trends — both dystopian and useful ones — have gotten started and become big in China. The country was one of the first places where digital payments and loans on smartphones transformed finance, online video streamers became superstars, food delivery apps swept cities, and online misinformation eroded people’s faith in facts.


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