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Amid concerns about college affordability, a call to increase Pell

When researchers at the National College Attainment Network this month looked at data showing how many people were reapplying for federal student aid to return for another year of college, they were alarmed.

After dipping in the spring at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the numbers over all had gone back to around what they were at this time last year. But not for the lowest-income students. The number of those with incomes less than $25,000 who were trying to get money to go back to school was down about 5 percent.

The numbers on reapplying for financial aid

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Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience?

It isn’t entirely students who will move this needle, observers say. It’s also faculty.

Even those who had long avoided going online have had to do it this semester, in some form or other. And they may have the most to learn from the experience, said Michael Moe, chief executive of GSV Asset Management, which focuses on education technology.

Along with their students, faculty were “thrown into the deep end of the pool for digital learning and asked to swim,” Mr. Moe said. “Some will sink, some will crawl to the edge of the pool and climb out and they’ll

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Spartanburg Methodist College to Modernize Technology Operations with Ellucian

Integrated Cloud-based Solutions Will Upgrade User Experience and Improve Efficiencies

June 8, 2021—SPARTANBURG, S.C. and RESTON, Va.—Ellucian, the leading higher education technology solutions provider, today announced that Spartanburg Methodist College will modernize their technology operations with Ellucian cloud solutions. Part of the HESS Consortium, and a new Ellucian customer, Spartanburg Methodist College joins more than 1,100 institutions worldwide that have chosen Ellucian as their higher education cloud solutions partner.

Spartanburg Methodist College will automate and streamline processes campus-wide using Ellucian Colleague SaaS, a comprehensive ERP system including Student and Financial Aid solutions. Ellucian Experience, a new

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Electoral college explained: how the US election is an uphill battle for Biden | US news

Who elects the US president?

When Americans cast their ballots for the US president, they are actually voting for a representative of that candidate’s party known as an elector. There are 538 electors who then vote for the president on behalf of the people in their state.

Each state is assigned a certain number of these electoral votes, based on the number of congressional districts they have, plus two additional votes representing the state’s Senate seats. Washington DC is also assigned three electoral votes, despite having no voting representation in Congress. A majority of 270 of these votes is needed

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College Consensus Publishes Annual Ranking of the Best Colleges in Pennsylvania 2020

To identify the Best Colleges in Pennsylvania for 2020, College Consensus combined the latest results from the most respected college ranking systems with thousands of real student reviews to produce a unique consensus rating for each school. According to College Consensus founder Jeremy Alder, “Similar to what Rotten Tomatoes does for movies, College Consensus gathers the publisher rankings and student reviews from around the web and distills the results into simple, easy-to-understand scores so students can quickly and easily compare schools. It is the ranking of all rankings, so to speak.” Learn more about the College Consensus rankings methodology at 

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