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U.S. News college rankings for 2020 are out

The school will be seeking to maintain its top ranking next year with a new president for the first time in 15 years. President Robert Zimmer announced earlier this year that he will step down next June, sooner than expected, and take a newly created role as chancellor after surgery this year removed a malignant brain tumor. 

Meanwhile, its private counterpart north of the city, Evanston-based Northwestern, hung onto a tie for No. 9 with John Hopkins University in Maryland and California Institute of Technology. The University of Notre Dame in Indiana, dropped to No. 19 from its slot

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Vision 2020: Electoral College vs popular vote in America

One of the quirks of the U.S. election process is that one candidate can win the popular vote but another can win the electoral vote and thus the presidency

WASHINGTON — Election Question: Why is it that one candidate can win the popular vote but another wins the electoral vote and thus the presidency?

Answer: That’s how the framers of the Constitution set it up.

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Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Ranked No. 1 Engineering College for 22nd Straight Year

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Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s Mussallem Union

“The U.S. News ranking continues to highlight the strong return on investment from a Rose-Hulman education, and further attests our mission of continuous improvement to be the best in STEM education.”- Robert A. Coons, President, Rose-Hulman

For the 22nd consecutive year, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has been ranked by its peers as best among U.S. engineering colleges that are focused on bachelor’s- and master’s-level education.

The latest No. 1 ranking is featured in U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 Best Colleges Guide, released September

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Opinion: The college reopening mess didn’t have to happen

Most American colleges and universities spent much of the spring and summer trying to determine a strategy for returning to school in the fall. Some, like the California State University system (CSU), made the decision to move to online fall classes last spring. As the school year approached, several of the wealthier private schools, like the one where I teach scaled back their plans for in-person teaching and on-campus housing, but many schools were stuck in a double bind of financial and political concerns.
The politics around the pandemic, at least for some schools, made the challenge even more difficult.
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Social Media Shaming Your College

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We’ve all seen social media used to shame people we disagree with. Those milliseconds of tsk-tsking might feel good, but I doubt they’re helpful.

Then my colleague Natasha Singer told me about pandemic shaming I can get behind.

College students are using TikTok, Twitter and other apps to embarrass their universities when they fail to care for people who have been isolated in special Covid-19 dorms or are in quarantine units because of a possible exposure.

Natasha, who wrote this week

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