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How to Set Up a New Computer

Congratulations, you’re the proud owner of a new Windows PC! Maybe you decided to upgrade your gaming rig, finally ditched that old college laptop, or perhaps you want to start fresh with a clean install of Windows 10. Whatever your reason, desktop setup or laptop setup with a new PC is easier than you might think.

We’ve amassed a codex of everything you need to know and do to get your new PC up to speed. Here’s how to set up a new computer quickly and easily.

How to set up a Microsoft account — or not

Whether it’s a
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June 2020 – New Names for Computer Science Courses

New Names for Computer Science Courses

Originally Published: 6/3/2020

Starting this Fall 2020 semester, LACC will be replacing the current Computer Science (CO SCI) courses with new course names and numbers to closely align them with the Computer Science (CS) and Computer Information Systems (CIS) disciplines. The new CS and CIS courses, however, will remain equivalent to the current CO SCI courses.

As a reference, below is a list of the CS and CIS courses along with the former CO SCI numbers. Please keep this list handy when registering and feel free to share it with other students.

Computer Science

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computer new 2020 – AOL Video Search Results


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