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The Class of 2020 will be graduating online. They’re not happy about it (opinion)

They’re not happy about it.

As a professor, I’ve seen that moment when seniors remember they are graduating without a formal ceremony. There will be no saying goodbye to lab partners and roommates; no last walks through classrooms or the campus quad; no big parties and no final moments with friends.

It happened again the other day. Max Kramer, one of our seniors, had presented his honors thesis — online, of course. After his defense, we chatted about next steps.

Suddenly, his voice got shaky and his eyes looked everywhere but the camera. “I can’t imagine,” he said, before trailing

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College students struggle to spot misinformation online as 2020 election approaches

Don’t fall for the premise that young people, otherwise known as “digital natives,” are immune to misinformation.

How to tell the difference between a credited news report and ‘fake news’



That’s the message from Stanford University researchers who say their new research provides further evidence that college students are prone to being deceived online.


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The new study from the Stanford History Education Group shows that 2020’s first-time voters often struggle to sort fact from fiction despite their technical prowess on smartphones and social media.

Start the day smarter. Get all the news you

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Online Courses the New Norm in College — Campus Technology


Online Courses the New Norm in College

While 40 percent of IT higher education IT leaders and instructional technologists said in June 2020 that their college or university was planning for “mostly in-person” classes for the fall, that share plummeted to less than 5 percent by August. And whereas in fall 2019 most institutions were offering one in five or fewer classes online, a year later that was flipped: A majority of schools were offering four in five or more courses online this fall.

Those findings were shared in a recent

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Students call for colleges to cut tuition costs as school year begins online

“They said no. That obviously made me mad,” Patel told CNN.

“It just doesn’t make sense to be paying such a high amount for something that’s not being used to the full advantage.”

Patel started a petition in July to lower fees at the university in New Jersey, where in-state tuition costs $11,600 and out-of-state students pay $27,560 a year. She got nearly 31,000 signatures, and the college did reduce campus fees by 15% but left tuition unchanged.

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In 2020, Californians will have new privacy rights online

The internet is going to look, and work, a little different starting today. That’s because Californians have new rights over how their personal information is gathered, stored and sold by any company operating in the state as of Jan. 1, thanks to the California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA.

As businesses scramble to get in compliance with the law, you’ve probably seen a rash of pop-up notifications and emails about privacy policy updates. You also may have noticed the small-print “do not sell my information” buttons that have started appearing at the bottom of websites.

But what are these new

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