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The Class of 2020 will be graduating online. They’re not happy about it (opinion)

They’re not happy about it.

As a professor, I’ve seen that moment when seniors remember they are graduating without a formal ceremony. There will be no saying goodbye to lab partners and roommates; no last walks through classrooms or the campus quad; no big parties and no final moments with friends.

It happened again the other day. Max Kramer, one of our seniors, had presented his honors thesis — online, of course. After his defense, we chatted about next steps.

Suddenly, his voice got shaky and his eyes looked everywhere but the camera. “I can’t imagine,” he said, before trailing

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Opinion: The college reopening mess didn’t have to happen

Most American colleges and universities spent much of the spring and summer trying to determine a strategy for returning to school in the fall. Some, like the California State University system (CSU), made the decision to move to online fall classes last spring. As the school year approached, several of the wealthier private schools, like the one where I teach scaled back their plans for in-person teaching and on-campus housing, but many schools were stuck in a double bind of financial and political concerns.
The politics around the pandemic, at least for some schools, made the challenge even more difficult.
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Letter: Electoral College dilutes the importance of individual vote – Opinion – The Columbus Dispatch

The time has come in this day of political correctness to either tweak or eliminate the Electoral College. Even the current president calls the presidential election rigged. It’s become more and more important every day to guard our right to vote and to make sure voting remains important to everyone. To change the Electoral College would strengthen the importance of each person’s vote.

If a state only gives 48% of the popular vote to a candidate, that candidate shouldn’t get 100% of the state’s electoral votes — only the 48% that were earned.

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Court’s ruling on Electoral College — chaos could still ensue (opinion)

In an effort to avoid this, the Supreme Court set out to determine whether presidential electors — a slate of individuals in each state, whose number is determined by Congressional representation, designated to cast their state’s electoral votes for president and vice president — are free agents or not. On Monday, justices unanimously decided in Chiafalo v. Washington that states have the power to bind electors — meaning we could see the end of so-called “faithless electors,” or electors who choose to vote for someone other than their party’s nominees.

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