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Comcast to impose home internet data cap of 1.2TB in more than a dozen US states next year

Next year, Comcast plans to charge home internet customers in northeastern US states for going over 1.2TB of data in a month — a cap that’s already in effect for customers on non-unlimited plans in other parts of the country.

In January and February, Comcast will give its Xfinity customers not on an unlimited plan a “credit” for any data usage charges over 1.2TB during those months to ease them into the new limits. Then, starting in March, non-unlimited customers who exceed 1.2TB in a month will be charged $10 per 50GB of data, for a maximum of $100.


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Exit polls 2020: Young Americans and White college-educated voters flock to Biden in several battleground states

In Wisconsin, nearly 3 in 5 voters under the age of 30 supported Biden, compared with only 47% who cast ballots for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016. Next door in Minnesota, nearly two-thirds of young voters selected Biden, compared to 45% who voted for Clinton. They helped propel him to victory in those states.

The former vice president also made gains among White voters with college degrees in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona and Nevada, capturing a larger share of that group than Clinton did four years earlier. He captured a double-digit lead with the group in Arizona and Pennsylvania,

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Electoral college: Supreme Court says states can punish faithless electors

The case comes as the election season is heating up, putting the Electoral College once again front and center in an increasingly polarized and volatile political atmosphere.

In 2016, 10 of the 538 presidential electors went rogue, attempting to vote for someone other than their pledged candidate. In all, 32 states and the District of Columbia have laws that are meant to discourage faithless electors. But until 2016, no state had ever actually punished or removed an elector because of his or her vote.

The vote count was 9-0.

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