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Poor Internet connection leaves rural students behind | MSUToday

Slow Internet connections or limited access from homes in rural areas can contribute to students falling behind academically, according to a new report from Michigan State University’s Quello Center. The educational setbacks can have significant impacts on academic success, college admissions and career opportunities.

“We were surprised with how powerful the findings were,” said Keith Hampton, associate director for research at the Quello Center and a professor in MSU’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences. “Students without Internet access and those who depend on a cell phone for their only access are half a grade point below those with fast

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Will US college students’ lives be forever transformed by COVID-19?

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A team of researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and New York State Psychiatric Institute have embarked on the largest, most comprehensive longitudinal study of how U.S. college students are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic—and how they are seizing the moment to redefine their futures.

The study will reach thousands of institutions ranging from community colleges to major research universities and is one of the largest representative samples of college students ever attempted, with the potential to include millions of students.

The investigators will examine how COVID-19 has impacted students’ and

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Underrepresented college students benefit more from ‘active learning’ techniques in STEM

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Students from different backgrounds in the United States enter college with equal interest in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But that equal interest does not result in equal outcomes. Six years after starting an undergraduate STEM degree, roughly twice as many white students finished it compared to African American students.

A new study by researchers at the University of Washington shows that teaching techniques in undergraduate STEM courses can significantly narrow gaps in course performance between students who are overrepresented and underrepresented in STEM. In a paper published the week of March 9 in the

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1200+ Latest Electronics Projects Ideas For Students & Engineers


Find the most innovative electronics projects to make at home by nevonprojects. Over 1200 + unique electronics projects using on IOT, robotics, solar, green tech, wireless communication and more. NevonProjects brings you latest electronics projects ideas using microcontrollers, Arduino, raspberry pi, nodemcu, sensors and more.

Dry Handwash using Fog to Save Water

We have been advised to wash hands regularly during the pandemic, but can we afford to waste so much water for handwash. Well here is a new age fog handwash machine that saves 95{c4cf6ba696bcdcdf86b604b720875a2a98cda9c220bbcc2ba24070e6e282b06f} water.
DIY Ventilator Using Arduino
DIY Ventilator using Arduino
This electronics project is a fully functioning ventilator
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The education technology students we need — and won’t — after covid-19

What we hear in this international conversation is that “reimagining” really means adding more and more education technology into schooling, kids spending more or virtually all of their learning time on screens with programs supposedly individualized for each student.

This post, by renowned master educator Andy Hargreaves, looks at the issue and explains what students are really going to need when all schools can reopen.

Hargreaves is a research professor at Boston College and visiting professor at the University of Ottawa who has been working for decades to improve school effectiveness. He has been awarded visiting professorships in the United

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