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Almost 7,000 laptops are ready to be given to youngsters in South Yorkshire after a campaign by councils, schools and charities.

Sheffield charity Laptops for Kids said it now has enough child-friendly Dell laptops to supply most of the region and the computers will be used for pupils needing to access remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

The charity launched in Sheffield in September 2020 because many households were unable to take part in online lessons. The project has now expanded to other northern towns and cities.

The devices will now be distributed to schools by councils in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield, with the schools themselves then sharing the laptops with households in need.

Many schools opened again to pupils on Monday, but leaders have warned people need to be prepared for more disruption to education in the coming months.

David Richards, the technology entrepreneur who co-founded the campaign, said: “Children must be able to safely access technology at home so they can keep up with their education and develop digital skills for the future.

“We applaud local government leaders in South Yorkshire for stepping up to meet the need and invest in the next generation of successful young people.”

Rotherham councillor Gordon Watson (pictured above, with David Naisbit of Oakwood High School) said: “We are delighted once again to be teaming up with Laptops for Kids to distribute a further 500 laptops to children in Rotherham, bringing the total number of children supported who would not otherwise have had access to online learning to more than 2,000.”